Every three seconds, somewhere on this planet, a person is forced to flee his or her home. They escape war, conflict, violence, persecution and human rights abuses. Some find a safe place inside their own country, others need to cross international borders and become refugees. Millions of people are in flight. They left behind their homes, often suddenly, only taking with them what they could carry. Many suffered the loss of loved ones, survived violence, torture or rape; many bear the visible and invisible scars of war. And yet, every time I spend time with refugees, whether in Pakistan, Jordan, Kenya, Iraq, Mauritania or Ecuador, I am deeply impressed by their resilience. Despite the nightmares of the past and the challenges of living in exile, people find the courage and strength to rebuild their lives. As shown clearly by the graphics of The and contrary to popular belief, most of the world’s refugees flee to neighboring countries and stay in the region. Today, 86 per cent of refugees live in the developing world, compared to some 70 per cent a decade ago. MORE

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